Project X was a six week long diet and exercise regimen carried out by two female specimens.
Their changes in mass were monitored and this website was updated every Monday afternoon with the new data.

Specimen A = 18.344745 x 10 (8) seconds old at start of project
Specimen E = 7.2939036 x 10 (8) seconds old at start of project

Food intake:
The diet consists of three regular hi-fibre meals
Breakfast: a bowl of hi-fibre cereal [All-bran with Bran Flakes] with fully skimmed milk
Lunch: 2 slices of brown whole-meal bread with salad
Dinner: hi-fibre meal [baked potato with baked beans and salad,
bean and vegetable stew with brown pasta
bean and vegetable curry/chili with brown rice]
Snacks eaten throughout the day: any amount of fresh fruit and vegetables [only one banana per day]

Liquid intake:
Water: a minimum of 2 litres of tap water to be consumed daily
Hot drinks: any amount of tea or coffee with fully skimmed milk only
No fruit juices, cordials, alcohol or sugary fizzy drinks [diet fizzy drinks may be consumed in addition to the water]
If on any occasion the diet is broken details must be recorded on the weekly regimen sheet

Exercise Specimen A
1 kilometre swim 2 times per week
2 additional pieces of exercise [1/2 hour bike ride or 1 hour walk]

Exercise Specimen E
1 kilometre swim 3 times per week
1 additional piece of exercise [1 hour bike ride or 1 hour in gym]
40 stomach crunches per day