Notts On Tour

Notts On Tour was a group road trip to Germany combining visits to Documenta 12 in Kassel and Sculpture Projects Münster 07.
It was open to 40 artists, curators and art folk based in Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Derby.

Notts On Tour aimed to be a fun adventure, which would strengthen the artistic community in Nottingham and its surrounding region.
It allowed time for people to get to know each other, to see new and inspiring art and to have some fun.

Notts On Tour participants

The Notts On Tour participants on the steps of Museum Fridericianum, Kassel on Tuesday 11th September 2007



Friday 7th September 2007
- 5:30 depart Nottingham on 'executive' coach
- Ferry crossing Dover to Calais 10:50 - 13:20
- Arrive Münster (Germany)
- Accommodation in Münster at Sparkassenakademie (single rooms)

Saturday 8th September 2007
- 10:30 coach drop off at LWL-Landesmuseum
- 11:30 3-hour guided bike tour of Sculpture Projects Münster 07
- Afternoon visit of Münster by foot
- 18:30 depart Münster on 'executive' coach
- Arrive Kassel (Germany)
- Accommodation in Kassel at Docooning (shared rooms)

Sunday 9th September 2007
- First day at Documenta 12
- 9:30 coach drop off at Steinweg
- Suggested visits to Museum Fridericianum, Documenta-Halle and Aue-Pavillion
- Accommodation in Kassel at Docooning (shared rooms)

Monday 10th September 2007
- Second day at Documenta 12
- 9:30 coach drop off at Kulturzentrum
- Suggested visits to Kulturzentrum Schlachtof, Neue Galerie and Schloss Wilhelmshohe
- Accommodation in Kassel at Docooning (shared rooms)

Tuesday 11th September 2007
- Suggested visits to off-site Documenta 12 projects in Kassel
- 14:00 depart Kassel on 'executive' coach
- Break of Journey in Lille (France)
- Accommodation in Lille in twin rooms at AS Hotel (twin rooms)

Wednesday 12th September 2007

- 9:30 depart Lille on 'executive' coach
- Stop at French hypermarket for shopping
- Ferry crossing Calais to Dover 14:00 - 14:30
- Arrive Nottingham approx 20:30

* Organised by Tailored Travel
* Organised by Ellie Harrison


Notts On Tour costs £234.00
- The price includes all travel and all accommodation

Addition costs will include:
- 3-hour guided bicycle tour of Sculpture Projects Münster 07 (including bike hire) €12.50
(This tour has been booked in advance for 40 people, so everyone on the trip is expected to pay the cost above on arrival and attend the tour)
- 2-day pass to Documenta 12 €27.00
- 6 day travel insurance policy, which is required by the tour operator
- Lunch and evening meal on each day

To Sign Up

Notts On Tour is now fully booked. If you would like your name on the reserve list in case any of the confirmed participants below drop out, please email Ellie Harrison on

Confirmed Participants

01. Ellie Harrison
02. Claire Simpson
03. Tomas Chaffe
04. Eric Rosoman
05. Kathy Fawcett
06. Mark Gubb
07. Owen Baxter
08. Jennie Syson
09. Debra Swann
10. Matt Davenport
11. Sally Rose Renner
12. Hamish Walker
13. Steph Knowles
14. Harriet Davies
15. Anna Petry
16. Sam Mercer
17. Jeff Baker
18. Ben Hargrave
19. Lizzie Haines
20. Kate Webborn
21. Nicholas Wright
22. Andrew Robinson
23. Hannah Phillips
24. Pamina Stewart
25. Catherine Bertola
26. Maria Doohan
27. Neil Walker
28. Alexandria Clark
29. Jon Williams
30. Charlotte Pratley
31. Jennifer Booth
32. Lewis Heriz
33. Jasia McArdle
34. Chris Slowe
35. Jennifer Rich
36. Tom Duggan
37. Marek Tobolewski
38. Alia Pathan
39. Kathy Ronald
40. Emmanuel Changunda

*Reserve list in case any of the above drop out*

01. Trevor Pitt
02. Jennifer Schofield

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