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29th April - 13th May 2010
The List (page 16-17)

We think these young Scottish artists are worth investing in right away

1 Moyna Flannigan
For her dark and slightly disturbing painted caricatures, Flannigan - who was born in Scotland but received her MFA from Yale - has built something of a cult following.

2 Luke Fowler
Primarily known for his video works, which have won him the Derek Jarman Award and the Donald Dewar Prize, and have been broadcast on Channel 4.

3 Jonathan Owen
Found photographic collages, papier mache drainpipes and grand metal sculptures are all part of the Liverpudlian Owen’s diverse output.

4 Alice Myers
A Jerwood Photography Award winner in 2008, Myers - an Edinburgh College of Art graduate - produces photographic series which take in action portraiture and documentary urban landscapes.

5 Alex Frost
Frost’s drawing and ceramic reliefs are painstaking composed, particularly the hand-pixellated effect of his continuing series of Blind Drawings.

6 Paul Chiappe
A Kirkcaldy-born graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, Chiappe produces pencil-drawn reproductions of black and white photographs.

7 Craig Mullholland
Born and based in Glasgow, Mullholland uses a variety of media and his work takes many forms, incorporating video, music, sculpture, text, sound works and drawing.

8 Ellie Harrison
About to graduate from an MFA at Glasgow School of Art, Harrison produces art that encompasses high-concept installation, sculpture and printed work. Read about her Vending Machine project in Noticeboard, page 7.

Noticeboard (page 7)
Ballot Proof
By Anna Millar

It’s no Obama showdown, we grant you, but by Blighty’s efforts, vote night is hotting up. Just when we thought Gordy was a goner, and ‘im in the blue corner was in, Nick’s not looking quite so knackered, after a ‘winning’ performance on the live debates.

But lest we forget it is we who will help choose our next leader, and there’s a handful of Glasgow’s finest establishments preparing to make fight night just a little more fun.

First up Glasgow Film Theatre is currently host to the installation Vending Machine, the inspired creation of Glasgow artist Ellie Harrison (featured in our Affordable Art special on page 17), which spurts out free crisps when search terms relating to the recession and the economy, such as ‘bankruptcy’, ‘slump’ and ‘decline’ make the headlines on the BBC News RSS feed. Check it out until Wed 16 Jun.