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15th July 2015

15th December - 5th January 2011
The List (pages 24-25)
By Jonny Ensall

From the 2011 Hot 100: the definitive list of Scottish creative talent

No.93 Ellie Harrison

Money. No other artist tackled this dominant topic as directly as Ellie Harrison in 2011, whose A Brief History of Privatisation summed up decades of government outsourcing in a neat video installation. This year she exhibited at Briggait art fair Vault, and very many other exhibitions (including a Newcastle collaboration with Josie Long). Her statistical simplications put her work in the same clever-but-accessible bracket as David Shrigley’s.

5 Predictions for the Future
By Ellie Harrison

1. we’ll feel the force of the dreaded ‘double-dip’
2. but we’ll learn to cope with the ups-and-downs
3. our phones will finally become smarter than us
4. but we’ll begin to tire of our gadgets and start appreciating our friends
5. and, we’ll start eating more irregular shaped vegetables