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15th July 2015

Saturday 9th March 2002
The Guardian (The Guide, page 40)
By Becky Carroll

Remember what you had for lunch on Wednesday? No? Well, it’s a common problem, but one which artist Ellie Harrison won’t be suffering from. Since March 11 2001 (her 22nd birthday) she’s been recording every single meal she’s eaten, as part of a year-long artwork called Eat 22. That’s everything, including sly bars of chocolate on the bus. This week Harrison will be showing the results at the 291 Gallery. It’s a chance to see exactly how much food a (vegetarian) human consumes in a year, but it’s only one of her witty works - other pieces include an energy competition between an éclair and a carrot, and a screensaver explaining how long a cherry tomato will power your computer.