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15th July 2015

October 2011
Art Monthly (page 21)

Originally published in Art Monthly 350: October 2011

The Artists’ Lottery Syndicate (Artnotes AM342), where 40 artists chipped in £4 a week over the course of a year - a total of £8,320 - has run its course.

In total, the group won back £1,309.10, but at least the rest went to good causes. The syndicate was organised by Ellie Harrison (Profile AM346), who has devised The Artists’ Bond, a new scheme where the Syndicate’s winnings will be used to purchase Premium Bonds. Initially offered only to Syndicate artists, the scheme will eventually be open to a maximum of 1,000 members and, in the very long term, when the last member dies, the funds will be used to launch a new UK arts funding scheme.