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15th July 2015

The Zero Point collaboration was formed in summer 2006 and comprises artists from Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Wolverhampton and Manchester. The current members are Ana Benlloch & Stuart Tait (a.a.s), Ellie Harrison, Matt Lewis, Niki Russell, Pamela Wells and Dan Williamson.

The project has developed into what can only be described as an ‘experiment in collaboration’. It has no objectives, no outcomes and no material form. It instead manifests in the discussions which take place between its members on the online forum, via email and through regular physical meetings, and through the detritus and ephemera which result from these get-togethers.

As an investigation into the ‘art of the meeting’, Zero Point explores the possibilities and difficulties of collaboration and the politics of group dynamics. Negotiations over meeting times and places become as integral a part of Zero Point as the meetings themselves, which are seldom attended by everyone, but instead comprise different configurations of the group in different locations and circumstances. As a result, each meeting has a different atmosphere and the ensuing discussions are varied. There are, however, some reoccurring themes such as the wider conceptual implications of the group, its purpose, its future and the motivations of past members who may have since left. Minutes are taken in the blue Zero Point book.

As well as these sporadic and sometimes informal meetings, Zero Point also holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and anniversary celebrations in the summertime. These special meetings, which last between 3-4 hours are held in institutional ‘board room’ style environments. The first, on 18th July 2007, being held at the Department of Art of Birmingham City University and the second, on 14th July 2008, at the Art & Design Department of Nottingham Trent University. These meetings are transcribed in full for posterity. On 30th September 2010, Zero Point was invited to hold its 4th Annual General Meeting as a public event at Castlefield in Manchester as part of their Summer House programme. These meetings are transcribed in full or otherwise documented for posterity.