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15th July 2015

The Monthly Sculptures Determined by the Daily Quantification Records were created using data collected during the Daily Quantification Records project. Every day throughout 2003, Ellie recorded data about 14 different aspects of her daily life on to A5 sheets of paper known as Daily Quantification Records. She recorded the number of steps she took using a pedometer which she wore at all times. She recorded her mass and body fat percentage every morning. She also counted the number of people she spoke to, website hits received, text messages received, pages of book read, gaseous emissions, spots, swear words uttered and alcoholic beverages consumed each day.

Each month this data was compiled to give a set of monthly averages, which was then applied to three specially devised systems to determine the form, colour and volume for a Monthly Sculpture. The form of the sculpture was dependant on the average number of alcoholic beverages consumed by the artist. The colour of the sculpture was dependant on the average number of swear words uttered by the artist and the volume of the sculpture was dependant on the average mass of the artist. Click on the links to the right under ‘Further Reference’ to view an example of some completed Daily Quantification Records, the poster describing the systems used to determine the sculptures and diagrams of all the Monthly Sculptures.

For this installation at the 2003 Goldsmiths Postgraduate Degree Show, the six Monthly Sculptures (January to June) were suspended from the ceiling revolving on motors. The sculptures’ positions within the room were dependant on other elements of the data. A large scale poster (200 × 140 centimetres) was hung at the end of the space to describe in detail the three systems used to convert the data into sculptures. In the corner of the room two films ‘The Guidelines for Maintaining the Daily Quantification Records’ and ‘Some Observations on the Daily Quantification Records Project’ played on a loop.

Some of data collected on the Daily Quantification Records has also been used in some of Ellie’s other projects including Statistics Are Hot Air and Sneezes 2003.