13:00 - 14:00 Thursday 8 June 2006

One hour of my life
is the result of a creative workshop lead by Ellie Harrison with Fine Art students at
Nottingham Trent University
. During the workshop each of the 10 artists were asked to work individually to document a specific event or experience that occured or reoccured over the course of the hour.

Below you can see just how each of the artists approached this task, what they chose to document and how they presented their findings.

The aim was to build a collective picture of this particular period of time from the perspectives of 10 different people.

Liam Aitken

For the duration of the hour I will attempt to count as many seconds as there are in an hour, as an attempt to beat time.

Sophy Miles

During the hour, I will travel on the tram from Station Street to Phoenix Park and back. Every 5 minutes I will record 10 seconds of sound and take 1 photograph.
Laura Clarke

Over the course of the hour, I will write down the first sound I hear every 5 minutes. I will map the time the sounds occur and their positioning in relation to myself.
Rachel Murray

During the hour I plan to walk around city following the rule of taking 2 right turns followed by a left turn. I will document my walk as a piece of writing.
Katie Firmin

Over the course of the hour, I will change outfits and photographically document myself every 3 minutes.

Lucy Phillips

I will walk through city, every 100 steps I will stop and photograph my feet and record my location

Lizzy Guy

Over the course of the hour I will write down everything I think about.

David Sampson

Throughout the hour I will record people in a moving environment, both in reality (photos) and in my perception (drawings).
Ellie Harrison

For the duration of the hour I will attempt to record the exact time I spend performing different activites.

Naomi Terry

Every 10 minutes I will create a colour coded map of the exact positioning of people sat around me in the Arboretum park.